Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

Please click on it for it's full splendor.  This month's dream board, Jamie of asks "What would I love to delight in this month?"  

Well... strawberries, for one thing.  Or rather, fruit in general.  I also notice a lot of texture on this board.    Jamie also make a point to say to dream without censorship.  That is the tortoise right there.  Not only do I love turtles and tortoises, but look at the symbolism.  Symbolism!  That strawberry is almost as big as that tortoise, but still it goes right for it without hesitation.  

Something I noticed while putting this dreamboard together.  I always want it a specific size.  That is a lot easier when cutting out pictures, but I make mine on the computer.  So this time around I made the board fit the pictures, not the other way around.

By the way... isn't the bee marvelous? >w<

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Countdown to Party Time!

On the nineteenth of June I will be turning 21.  For most that is a big birthday since here in the States that is our legal drinking age.  Not so much for me.  I've always had a negative reaction when it comes to drinking.  I've been working on socializing myself to having those around me drinking, but I'm still a bit wary of partaking in it myself. 

Anyway... I will be doing a countdown until my birthday.  Lost of stuff to do.  My eldest sister turns 24 on the 15th.  Then on the 16th will be her bridal shower.  I should be posting stuff about the gifts I'm making her and hopefully some pictures.

So the first of June has come and gone already.  I've been busy with necessary pruning.  The plants in the house have been getting a touch too long.  I trimmed the ivy plant Fred and another hanging plant of unknown origin.  Then I cut a large part of the rosemary, as some of the leaves were blocking the way for future growth of the whole plant.  I also cut back the thyme a bit. 

And then there was the outside garden.  The chamomile had taken over.  So I pulled out a few plants (We had at least six large plants in our little five by two garden!) and trimmed most of them WAY down.  The flowers were going to seed and the last thing we need is MORE chamomile.  They were also choking the parsley, which was also trying to seed itself.  I cut those seed heads off to encourage further leaf growth.  I intend to compost the plants and cuttings that I'm not drying.

Speaking of drying, I suppose I do that strangely.  Most articles tell you to hang the plant upside-down to dry.  I'll do that with sage bundles and parsley, but not with thyme, rosemary, or chamomile.  With those I like to pick the leaves off and dry them in my mortars.  I have a few of them so I can dry multiple herbs at one time.  I also like having to physically turn the leaves for them to dry properly.  It gives me an extra chance to imbue them with energy.