Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Great Book Bounty (and other updates)
So.  Nearly a year has gone by.  A lot has happened to my family away from Blogland, so I haven't been very good at keeping y'all in the loop.  That, and I really need to get in the habit of taking pictures of stuff.  Anywho, on to some news!

Pay no mind to the cat in the corner.
He likes to think he's Vanna White.
I'm starting college.  Yes.  Me, a twenty-four year old person, is just now starting college.  What can I say?  I'm a late bloomer.  (I'll write about that later, I promise.)  We went to pick up my books late last week  and I thought I would share them with you.

I'm going to be a massage therapist.  I'm really excited because I love massage, the staff I've met are fantastic, and the electives are all things I would want to learn about anyway.  I'm nervous because it's been a whopping ten years since I've been in a classroom setting, as I was home schooled for high school.

So these are my books.  I'm going to Irene's Myomassology Institute.  The binder and DVD were put together by the school's founder herself.  Also, the workbook?  Has coloring pages.  That's right.  I get coloring homework.  Be jealous.  The only downside to these lovely containers of knowledge is that they weigh A LOT.  I have to bring them all in my first day. Hey, at least I'll build some muscle, yeah?

The other book I have to show?  I won them.  Yeah.  I regularly follow some jewelry making website.  One in particular, Art Bead Scene, regularly has contests where you can post a comment to be entered.  This last week I won three books from Erin of Tesori Trovati Jewelry.  She recently reorganized her studio and had a whole bunch of books to give away.  I chose Rejuvenated Jewels, Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry, and Vintage Redux, all following the theme of repurposing old pieces or found objects into something new.

Erin was also kind enough to send me a baggy full of pieces to be taken apart and repurposed.  I'll show you all what I got here.

I'll take the patina off the lower pieces.  The piece at the top wants to become a large barrette.
That heart necklace?  Sterling silver!  
To the left: an assortment of silver tone charms.  Up top are some nice faux pearls and green beads.  At the bottom are three bauble bracelets to be taken apart.  
CHAIN!  I love chain.  The beads will be taken off these and used elsewhere.  The chain goes with the rest in my hoard.
Love to all of you out there!  I start school this Tuesday.  I'll let you all know how it goes, as well as some more personal updates later on.