Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard- Full Snow Moon

Ugh!  Have any of you lovlies tried to find pictures for a board and just been '... I have no idea what I want' ?  That was this time for me.  Not to mention the prompt is 'What desires lie deep within'.  My brain in response to that was 'I have no depth!  I am as shallow as a kiddie pool.  Don't ask me hard questions.  Ooh look!  Youtube!'  Then I would proceed to listen to music and watch period dramas for hours.

I finished this one over this weekend, despite having the two weeks.  So here we go.  Lots of words.  I'm not a terribly emotional person on the surface.  So I suppose it makes sense that they would be hanging around in the deep recessed parts of my subconscious, waiting to attack me when a prompt such as this arises.

I am a starter.  Ask my sister... I've been writing a fictional piece for two years now and am only on chapter 12.  So finishing is a goal I need to figure out how to obtain.  Strength goes with that... and the weight loss thing I mentioned last time.  

Worth and I are not friends.  I don'y take complements well.  They make me uncomfortable. So that is another goal, to become civil with feeling worthy of my dreams.  Ability is a bit self-explanatory so I'm going to move on to the pictures. 

I want to sell jewelry.  I know I am super original for saying so, but there it is.  I want to make people pretty things that make them feel good.  I want to use natural materials and educate people on the emotional and spiritual properties that natural stones have and produce.

The pottery picture is for creating things.  The maiden, mother, and crone picture is for spirituality.  I have been in a rut regarding both of those things and would like it to quit already.  Okay... thank you for reading/viewing my rant about life.  You are now free to move about the cabin.