Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Brings Change
 So there has been much going on in my house this past month.  We moved again!  There were boxes and packing and moving of the packed boxes.  My kitty loves sitting in empty (or not so empty) boxes, so once we were moved in he was happy.  We've dealt with gas leaks and well troubles and freezing pipes.  Our bookshelves literally fell apart.  But has that stopped us?!  NO!

It hasn't looked much like spring around here.  My sister and I took a walk on our property to scope the place out on the equinox.  We now live on about 5 acres.  Not a terrible amount as far as a walk is concerned... or so you would think.  Those are my footprints in the snow farther back.  The snow has melted more since so cross your fingers that will be normal by Beltane.  

It wasn't all bad.  I did see some signs of spring, like the little beginnings of buds on this branch.  There have also been geese coming back north finally.  I managed a simple altar, since our stuff isn't completely unpacked.  Notice my Frankenstein candles from an earlier post.  I also made a list of goals, per Aradia's cauldron.  I ended up with 9 which is a number I love.

The wooden spoon is one of eight that I want to make into kitchen witch wands to create magical meals.  Since there are 8, I figure I can do one for each Sabbat!