Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard - Full Pink Moon
This month Jamie asks "What dreams is it time to tend?"

I've already begun to tend certain things.  I've started a routine for things around the house. It's so easy to just let everything fall to the wayside and get super stressed over nothing.  I know I need routine, as well as doing one thing at a time.  I've also started journaling.  I've never done a journal outside of school before, and so far I've just talked about what I plan on doing that day.  Once I get bored of that, I do have some prompts I can write about.

This sounds backward, but it's time to tend the seeds!  I need to get the herbs and thing planted, if we're going to have an herb garden this year.  My mom has been talking about moving again -_-;; so we may have to make do with potted herbs, which is fine with me.

It's time to start tending to my jewelry projects.  Getting some going or finished.  Thought that plays into the one project at a time, since I get overwhelmed easily and then do nothing at all.  That necklace picture is my sister's wedding jewelry I made for her!

I basically need to tend to my own happiness.  I need to get out there and do things.  Say yes.  Go looking at things and having fun, while maintaining order in what I need to get done.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Connecting with the Earth
This is The Big Rock at my grandparents house in upstate New York.  It's presence is the result of glaciers shifting and melting .  
On Confessions of a Kitchen Witch blog, Jennifer has a nice little group of lessons on the elements.  This one is about the element of Earth.
1.                  What 3 items could you use or are using on your Altar?
Oak branch with acorns.  Green candle.  Bowl of soil.

2.                  What direction do you feel represents Earth? This question is subjective in nature as I would like for you to connect through your heart and soul and not just what some book has told you. Books are an amazing tool but at the same time, so is your intuition.
North.  This could be that I have always associated north with earth… but it just seems right.

3.                  What colors represent Earth?
Green and brown.

4.                  What magickal purposes would you most likely call upon the Earth for? Why?
Grounding: well… Earth is the ground.
Healing: I associate healing with green and the herbs that promote health.  Some say fire or water, but water is naturally cool and fire warm.  Plants can be either cooling or warming and thus can be used to sooth a cold or a fever.
Growth: Again, a plant comparison.  A tree needs sunlight, soil, water, and space in order to grow properly.  If given the optimum environment, there is no telling how tall one can grow.  Even still, if a tree is cut down but its roots still intact, you will see new life sprouting from the old trunk in time. 

5.         Write your own spell utilizing the Earth (include colors, directions, seeds, candles and their colors, essential oils, etc)
Stone of Healing Spell

Best done on a New or Waxing Moon.  As this is an Earth centered spell, we are concentrating on you or someone you know gaining health, not banishing illness.

Materials: 1 green candle, a small bowl of salt, cup or chalice of water, sage smudge or incense, eucalyptus oil (optional), a small stone associated with healing such as clear quartz, a picture of the person you wish to heal (optional)

Place the salt to the north, water to the west, incense to the east and candle to the south.  Dress the candle in the oil before lighting it if you wish and light the incense.
Place the stone in your dominant hand and imbue it with healing energy.  Picture the person you wish to heal as strong and healthy.  Ask the four elements to aid your spell.  Place the stone in the bowl of salt and ask the Earth for a healthy body.  Place the stone in the cup and ask the Water for healthy blood.  Pass the stone through the candle flame (or just above) and ask the Fire for a healthy spirit.  Pass the stone through the sage smoke and ask for a healthy mind.
Once you have finished, either place the stone on the photo or have the person carry the stone on their person.  If using the photo, put it on your altar.

6.          Write a quarter call for the Earth (Invite this element to guard, protect, help and guide you)  
I call upon the power of Earth and the forces of nature.  I ask that you aid me in my task.  Please  stabilize and protect me so that I may remain grounded as I work.

7.      Being creative, make a representation of an Earth Element using whatever medium you feel called to use. After you're finished, bless this representation and consecrate it with your own personal power. You can then place it upon your altar giving it your own personal earth elemental touch! 

I choose not to place these items on my altar, but on my walls!  This star has been with me for a few years now.  I made it out of maple twigs (gathered, not broken off) and suede lace.  It used to have silk flowers and leaves on it, but we've moved a few times since it was made and they didn't care for boxes.  But!  I made a couple of changes to make it even more earthy.  I added an oak twig I found during a walk to the top point.  If you look closely you'll see that it has three little acorns attached.  I also decided to decorate my star seasonally.  I had real leaves for autumn, a bow during Yule, and a snowflake for the winter.  This was supposed to be a five-petaled origami flower, but the sheets I had were too small for five to fit.  So I improvised and I think it looks rather springy, yes?  I hope to change the decoration more regularly, or at least for the eight Sabbats.  I tried to make Brighid's cross for Imbolc... it DID NOT work.  If anyone has any ideas of other decorations for any season, drop me a comment.

8.                  List YOUR correspondents for the Earth (ie: color, direction, etc)
Colors: Green, Brown
Season: Spring
Tree: Oak
Direction: North
Stones: Malachite, Hematite, Jet (I only include the ones I’m really comfortable with.  Once I become more involved with stones in a magical and spiritual sense I will likely add many more to this list.)
Mythical Animal: Gryphon

9.                  For next week's Lesson, write down any questions you may have for the Earth Element.
What can I do to remain grounded and yet still go toward my lofty and whimsical goals? (I associate these things with air, and air to me is the opposite of earth)