Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboards-The Full Wolf Moon

This month Jamie asks: What are you hungry for?  For once in my life... spring!  The goals that I am trying to achieve are rather difficult to do in the winter.  Losing weight being one, as shown by the pear with the measuring tape.  I didn't like all of those pictures of thin women measuring themselves or on scales... plus I'm a pear-shape so I thought it was cute.

A place for all of my crafting supplies.  Whenever I go into my jewelry supplies bin I mess it up.  I really crave a way to keep it organized or a new system altogether.  I also yearn for the space to dry herbs and make tincture and the like, thus the woman in her still room.

Saving money or having it in the first place is a big one.  The coin purse and the basil stand for that.  Well... the basil is for both prosperity symbolism and the spring thing.  We have managed to keep a little basil plant alive, but it won't be usable until it gets more sun.

What I feel is most important is the sitting girl.  I hunger for meaningful alone time.  I'm an introvert and thus enjoy being solitary, but I seem to want to be alone a lot lately.  As in not liking company much at all.  So I figure that means I must not be getting quality alone time to recharge my social batteries.  If anyone has any ideas on how to do that, I'd appreciate a comment on it.