Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patience is a Virtue and My Sister has a Gift
Is that not the truest quote you have ever read?  Patience has always been a difficult thing for me for whatever reason.  It could be that, per Catholicism, Wrath is my sin and Patience is the opposing virtue. I have no work that needs to be done.  The job interview I posted about before went well (I thought) but I never got a call back T^T.  Now I have to wait for more of my schoolwork to arrive to actually feel productive.  Sure, I should be writing.  But that's not an actual obligation.  

It's sad I think of it that way, as the story is for my sister.  Perhaps a change of attitude is in order?

My room has been given an overhaul.  My sister/Twinny organized it for me.  The outcome?  Order!  Cleanliness (except the carpet which has yet to be cleaned).  It's crazy!  She took my otherwise sad room and transformed it into a place where I can actually use my things!  She should become a superhero fighting against clutter.

Just a little note: Sage and cinnamon make an amazing herbal incense.  Thought I'd pass that along. 

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  1. Awww, thanks sis! And don't worry, you're doing better about the patience thing.