Thursday, August 2, 2012

Full Moon Dreamboard- Full Sturgeon Moon

This month Jamie asks "What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?"  Well, mine is telling me that I have stuff to do.  Hard work and all of that.  But at the same time I need to remain calm.  I need to make sure I take good care of myself and my surroundings as I go (considering I am one of those who likes to forget all else while focused).  

I'm noticing an abundance of blue, black and brown in this board.  I think that means I need to chill out and strap myself in for the amount of stuff I have to go through in the near future.  But hey, maybe it'll be fun.  Hopefully it will let me focus on my stuff more instead of worrying about everybody else's.


  1. I love the abundance of blue on your board too!The mosaic, the sky and the sea... its a relaxing looking board, and I hope all your dreams are fulfilled!

  2. I totally relate. Over the past few years I've tried to do a better and better job at that combo of getting stuff done and remaining in a state of calm and ease. My approach has been to "dial it down", to use only the energy I actually need (not hyped up go-go-go frenzy), to maintain and chill attitude and environment. I hope you find your way of bringing these two things together.

    There's something about all of the skies that makes me think this month will bring a greater sense of expansiveness than expected. And hey, here's to it being fun too!

    May all of your dreams come true.

  3. It's an interesting dichotomy, the relaxing blues, the cleansing herbs, the soothing tea and the hard work, the physical exertion, and exercise with it... May your dreams come true!

  4. You know your dreams and seem to be already on the path to achieve them May all your dreams be fulfilled!

  5. I noticed the change of palette. And the openness and intense work too.