Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Full Moon Dreamboard- Full Frost Moon

This month's dreamboard question asks 'What is clear about your dreams?' and 'What further clarity do you seek?'  What is becoming clear to me is my career path, for one.  A friend of the family recently gave my sister some information for me regarding massage therapy school (apparently the normal route is NOT the way to go, and considering that she manages a massage clinic, I'm bound to believe her on that).  She also said that if I'm good at massage therapy, that there may be a job at the center she works at for me!  *insert high pitched excited noise here*

Ah, the car.  I need to drive more.  I don't care to do it, as my perfectionism kicks into high gear when I do drive and I keep getting down on myself for it.  It is clear to me that I need bright colors in my jewelry making supplies.  I have a lot of metallics and darker colors, but I need to add some vibrant ones.

I would like clarity of skin, thus the mirror.  I've been having a problem with cystic acne along with hives recently.  Not fun.  I would like to know how to fine-tune my perception of things and overall outlook on life.  See what I did there, with the tuning forks?  Funny?  No?  

Clarity of heart would be nice.  Within myself and with others.  Clarity on what to do with this blog!  I have so many things I could write about, but I don't because I'm worried about the direction the blog would take.  Ooh, and last but not least... I would like clarification on crocheting.  I'm not very good at sewing-type stuff and I keep knotting the yarn.  So I'm thinking wire might be easier?  Combining crocheting with jewelry making?  What do you guys think?


  1. What a beautiful board! As you dream, so I wish for you!

  2. Beautiful board.So inspiring and I hope you get the clarification you seek!I really love your blog...and all the boards that you've made!

    Your new follower,


  3. Your dream board is beautiful, and you have some great dreams you're working towards. Keep writing in your blog - I've found it's helped me find my voice, find the direction I want to go with it! You can always start a new one if you decide this one has not gone in the directions you like! May all your dreams come true Kristina!

  4. Colorful! I like the rainbow front & center. Best wishes!