Sunday, December 30, 2012

Those who have read this blog know that I am Pagan.  I was raised Mormon.  I have no qualms against Christianity or any other religion... except for things like this.  It makes no sense.  Christians believe Christ died for our sins, so why would he, if not God himself, allow something like this to happen?  Why would someone be punished for not only not having faith in God, but not knowing.  I'm pretty sure this is just something that was said in order to get people to go on missions to preach the word of God.  But no.  If the Christian God and Heaven are what awaits us in the afterlife, and those who are good, decent people but do not believe in or know of the existence of God... if those people are going to hell?  Then I guess I am too.  Because 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.' 

I saw this on pinterest.  Sorry.  I'm trying not to get so angry at things I can't change (people's belief in things like the above).  


  1. I get so angry about stuff like that. I had a facebook argument with someone once, lol. I believe that all good people will get some kind of reward in the afterlife and all bad people will be punished, how could it be otherwise. I know I have more 'christian' values than those that hurt others and damn others for being different.

  2. * when I say 'christian' values I mean the ones they are supposed to have, love, forgiveness, helping others, accepting others, etc. I always say that Jesus wanted to help others of other religions (pretty sure that was in his life story) and treated them all the same, why do some Christians not.

    I know a lot of nice people who are accepting and are Christian, but there are also a lot of awful ones too who don't live by these values at all.

    1. Yes. Thank you for your comments. I just can't understand why someone would be punished for not knowing something. That would be like getting detention for not knowing algebra when you've never even seen a math text book.