Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's That Time of Year
I seem to have come down with a cold.  First Ada went down, then Momo.  Twinny seems to be holding out, but for how much longer I can't say.  Massive amounts of tissues and alka seltzer have been used in combating this monstrosity, but Momo seems to be the only one doing a terrible amount of damage.  Could be the antibiotics she got from the doctor.  

Ah well.  This morning we may or may not be going to the art museum.  I hope we do.  Its a good idea to get out of the germy house and get some exercise.  

I seem to be making slow progress on my to-do list, but progress is progress.  I even got a necklace finished!  But once I finished it I noticed that the ribbon was a bit off for the design.  Twinny suggested using a chain instead, so I think I'll try that.

Something else I noticed... I actually like wearing skirts.  When I went on my interview I wore the only one I have and enjoyed it despite the cold weather.  I seem to have an aversion to things "stereotypically feminine".  I consider myself a feminist, but that shouldn't mean I have to be a tomboy all the time.  Methinks it's time for a change in attitude.

A flower to help the seasonal effective disorder in you.  Even though here there isn't any snow!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. The art museum sounds like a nice trip, just try not to make anyone else sick :P

    I love skirts and dresses, I have hardly worn a pair of pants in the last year, ever since I realised how much more confortable skirts are!