Monday, April 9, 2012

Religious Tolerance and the Past Mistakes of OTHERS
Sorry for the white against red if it hurts people's eyes.  This is a pin I saw on pinterest today.  Things like this bother me.  I could understand that this would make an Atheist not like Christianity itself, but to laugh at those who practice it is, I feel, misguided.  It isn't nerve to complain when this Christian person has done nothing to deserve being laughed at, save believing in God and Jesus Christ.  It is not right to hold the past over the heads of future generations.  By that logic, Americans should still be annoyed at the British because of the tyranny before the American Revolution.  Southern Americans and Northern Americans would still dislike each other because of the Civil War.  African Americans would feel that all Caucasian people would not be trustworthy and only out to hurt them.  I am a Pagan, and proud of that fact.  People who were Pagan in the past were mistreated, but they also mistreated others.  Just like Caucasians have enslaved and murdered people just because of race.  I am NOT prejudiced about religious belief or skin color or gender or social status.  People need to base their judgments of others based on their character, how they act.  NOT on what groups they belong to.  If someone who is Islamic kills any one, don't blame it on the Islamic faith.  Blame it on the person.  Religion is not inherently bad.  Religion is belief.  Belief does not start war, actions do.  PEOPLE are the one who make those actions.  So for the "holy wars" I don't blame Christianity, I blame those people who were too ignorant to think for themselves and realized that murder and torture are BAD THINGS.

Okay.  Text block over.  I felt this was necessary.