Sunday, May 13, 2012

Psychology Carp Part 2-The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
 The Keirsey Temperament sorter is a personality tool.  Much like the aforementioned Enneagram, it splits different people into certain groups.  There are four key groups that combine to make your four-letter personality type.  You can take the test here.

The first possible letters are E or I.  Extrovert or Introvert.  Sounds easy enough to guess, right?  Not necessarily.  It can be easy for an extrovert in a family of introverts to adapt to the people around them and vise-versa for introverts.  My mother is an extrovert, but the rest of us here at home are introverted.  That, and she does the mom thing where she takes care of everyone else first, so she doesn't get her social needs met. So take the test and see (but trying to guess first can be fun and surprising)

The second choice of letters are S and N for Sensing and Intuiting.  An S is more of a here and now, concrete thinker.  They prefer hard data and facts.  An N is a dreamer of the future.  They like imagining and possibilities.

The third set of letters are T and F.  Are you a Thinker or a Feeler?  Hopefully both, but which are you more so?  Here's a question that puts it into perspective: Which do you value more, logic or sympathy?  I, being a Thinker for this portion, prefer logic to sympathy.  Neither are wrong.  Just different.

The last possible letters are J and P for Judging and Perceiving.  Judging people go into things with a plan or preconceived notion of how things are going to be.  Perceiving folks take things as they come and adapt.  I'm making J's sound bad I know, but there are pros and cons to any possible outcome.  Plus, I'm a J myself, so don't worry too much if you end up being one too.

I happen to be an INTJ.  An introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging person.  According to the test I am a Mastermind (XD)  No problem with that.  I used to be an INTP when I was younger.  It is said that your outcome may change sometime during your life, but rarely more than one letter.  So I hope you take the test and have fun learning about yourselves.  If you do take it, leave me a comment and let me know what you got! 


  1. It wouldn't tell me without buying something. I got the guardian type... Since there is only one type that is extroverted I guess I am that one?

  2. There are two extroverted types in each category. You seem more like a Provider than a Supervisor but read for yourself. If you click on the above link, go to The Four Temperaments and click on Overview. You can take a look at all the other type and their descriptions on the side bar.