Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard

Jamie asks us "Who are you in full bloom?"  My simple answer is colorful.  A perfect combination of class and whimsy, beauty and freedom.  All of the things on this board are things I love and/or aspire to be more like, because hey... who doesn't need more glitter in their life?  The flower is a mountain laurel.  I identify with the peacock and his feathers' color palette, most likely because they are jewel tones.  I simply love the clothes and accessories here.  Eastern paper-style fan and parasol, an Indian sari (again with saturated jewel-tones), and a cute little cloche hat.  The dancer is less for the dress (which is fabulous) and more for the style of dance.  Flamenco dancing is beautiful.  And finally I have a frond of a fern.  Not only because it fits with the growth of this month's theme but frond is just a fun word to say.  Seriously.  Say it out loud.  Frond. 


  1. Very colourful and bold your board is. May all your dreams come true.

  2. Lovely board. My favorite so far. ^^

  3. Beautiful board Kristina. May it bring you all that you dream for xx