Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Moon Dreamboard-Full Sturgeon Moon
This month's full moon asks, 'What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?'

I've recently been doing a goal setting exercise.  It's called 101 goals in 1001 days.  I've got my list written, but I need to change a few on there before I officially start, which will be on... the 23rd? Of September.  That date is so I finish on my birthday in 2016.  I'm excited to get started, so look forward to that blog post.

The water woman is just that.  I need to connect for thoroughly with water.  Hell, I need to connect with water period.  I'm an earth/fire individual.  I've pulled back on the anger of fire and have been working on being more spontaneous and airy, but water remains elusive.  If any of you have suggestions I'm open to them.

Speaking of fiery anger, I'm thinking some manner of martial art may help that further.  Not only would it help with my weight loss goals, but it would help release the tension and hopefully make me happier.  Even if it's Wii boxing.

Music is important because it make me happier and is stress relieving.  My mom works midnights, so I can't to music outwardly during the day.  I suppose I could pop some on after she leaves, or while she's getting ready in order to help everybody.

THE GECKO!!  I love the gecko.  I recently found that the gecko is my spirit animal.  I've been a turtle/dragon fan for a long time, but this little guy just popped in to say hi during my guided meditation.  Not even i the way the meditation said to either... he was just sitting on a leaf when I noticed him.  That I believe is proof that when it comes to guided meditation, you don't necessarily have to follow the rules to a 't'.


  1. I am intrigued as to your goals... wow this is new to me - and it sounds so positive and exciting! I think if you get your goals all done then that would be amazing to have that much accomplished! Hope you post in more about this! The only way I can think of getting that water element into your life is either with pics on your dream board, maybe of fires being put out by fire fighters or take up swimming in real life if this appeals... I realise that this may not be possible for everyone!
    I wish you luck with those goals and keep us posted!

  2. I love the gecko!!! I have had spirit animals come to me in many different ways, and I love them all. Water is something I am needing now, too. I had my birth astrology chart done professionally, after winning a giveaway, and I have hardly NO water in ANY of my signs/houses. Which may be why I have a hard time with water signs, too.

    I love music, lovvvve. I believe there is a song for every emotion. :)

    May all of your wishes and desires come true, lady. <3

  3. I'm on my second 1001 days - enjoy the journey!
    may all your dreams be fulfilled!

  4. Hi Kristina. I'm so glad you're participating in Full Moon Dreamboards! I have some news about the practice - and it's important. I don't see any contact info for you here so could you please email me for details. Thanks, beautiful you!