Friday, December 30, 2011

Nails are Better than Screws!
It's true!  My new bulletin board would not go in with the screws.  Or maybe it's the wall's fault.  Well, it's up now and a constant reminder of what I need to get done.  My New Year's Resolutions are on there... I have 14 of them.  So whenever I leave my room they will be there.  Always watching.

I will also be putting up a nice big sign with the word 'CALM' on there.  That is the word Lady Winter told me in my winter meditation.  If you go to Jamie Ridler Studios blog on my blog list it should still be on the first page.  It's a guided mediation and it really helped me.  It even gave me an idea for a necklace design!

Finally, I figured I would leave you all with this last little tidbit.
 I got that from a list about the phases of the moon.  Most of you know this already, I'm sure.  Why do I think this is relevant?  If you go by the zodiac, May 20- June 20 is a month.  The first new moon is right on May 20th and the second?  June 19th.  My birthday.  I am so totally geeked you have no idea.

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  1. Very neat info (and don't worry I geek out all the time)! :D