Monday, September 23, 2013

101 Goals in 1001 Days

So last month I mentioned I was going to participate in this project.  Here's how it works.

You have 1001 days, which is about 2 years and 9 months, to complete 101 goals.  Pretty simple right?  Sort of.  It's a bit difficult coming up with so many goals... so dig deep and expand over all areas of your life.  Be specific as specific as possible.  This will help you achieve your goals easier.  

I would suggest not setting a goal that is in the hands of another person or nature, such as getting 'x' amount of followers.  An alternative could be to get yourself out there more via social media sites or finding new way to promote yourself.  You can't force people to follow you, but you can control how much people see you.

I also suggest keeping your list visible.  Somewhere you can see it everyday in passing.  Note the little things you can do to further yourself in your long-term goals, or the little goals you can cross off completely!  It's okay if you don't complete the list.  The whole point of this project is to move forward at all.  Anywho... on to my list!
  1. Get a job
  2. Start college
  3. Get driver's license
  4. Volunteer
  5. Get passport
  6. Ask for help 10 times
  7. Go on a road trip (Massachusetts?)
  8. Make an etsy account
  9. Sell jewelry at an art show or in a store
  10. Get published in a jewelry magazine
  11. Post a piece of jewelry on the jewelry making journal
  12. Create a new piece of jewelry every month
  13. Get/make a gecko piece of jewelry
  14. Take a jewelry making class
  15. Order something from an online bead store
  16. Participate in bead soup
  17. Make a jewelry tutorial
  18. Give plastic beads away
  19. Use my ball pein hammer to make piece of jewelry
  20. Figure out and use the findings my oldest sister gave me
  21. Roast a duck
  22. Can something (pickles, applesauce, jam)
  23. Eat 5 new fruits or vegetables
  24. Make Croquembouche
  25. Participate in Meatless Monday for 12 weeks
  26. Make a recipe from a Wiccan cookbook
  27. Make English toffee
  28. Make southwestern eggrolls
  29. Make angel food cake/chiffon cake from scratch
  30. Learn how to grill
  31. Plant a vegetable garden
  32. Complete exercises in Brighid's Healing book
  33. Make a Brighid altar
  34. Make and dress candles for sabbats/esbats
  35. Complete rituals on all 8 sabbats
  36. Recognize all 13 esbats
  37. Learn how to read tea leaves
  38. Start herbal grimoire
  39. Make a Brighid's Cross with plant material
  40. Go to a metaphysical class
  41. Complete 30 days of Kitchen Witchery
  42. Make a dream pillow/charm bag
  43. Make Kitchen Witch burned spoon-wands
  44. Become a certified crystal healer
  45. Dye something naturally
  46. Complete one of the three Wreck this Journal books
  47. Make a rag rug out of old linens
  48. Sew up pillow
  49. Make a tincture
  50. Make massage oil
  51. Make four seasonal wreaths
  52. Make a nice binder for recipes
  53. Use calligraphy set
  54. Make Frankenstein candle
  55. Make mosaic
  56. Learn to knit/crochet a hat
  57. Refinish dry sink
  58. Finish a latch hook
  59. Make a baby blanket for my oldest sister (in green with a high quality yarn)
  60. Save $100
  61. Save $500
  62. Buy a digital camera
  63. Buy new linens
  64. Buy a flash drive
  65. Sell FFX, FFX-2, and Xenosaga
  66. Buy an e-course from someone whose blog I enjoy
  67. Pare down and sell manga
  68. Check credit history
  69. Write 25 chapters for story or have it complete
  70. Have 200 blog posts
  71. Journal every day for a month straight
  72. Write in a public place
  73. Write blog post about being a late bloomer
  74. Start Team Krimmy blog
  75. Ride bike for five miles straight
  76. Lose 50 pounds
  77. Drink tea every morning for 3 weeks
  78. Take Roxy for a walk for 6 months
  79. Complete beginners yoga dvd
  80. Do sun salutations every morning for 3 weeks
  81. Hike up a trail without dying
  82. Develop a skincare regimen
  83. Get teeth fixed
  84. Visit a spa
  85. Spend an afternoon with my oldest sister doing something fun (crafting, go carts, putt-putt)
  86. Buy Momo something expensive
  87. Introduce myself to the neighbors (after we've moved)
  88. Share something I've baked with the neighbors
  89. See Cheza
  90. See Janelle
  91. See B
  92. Visit Dad and Jackie
  93. Visit Grandma Elsie's grave
  94. Surprise Twinny with something nice
  95. Learn how to put my hair into a bun
  96. Organize craft desk drawer
  97. Finish FFXII
  98. Get computer fixed or get a new one
  99. Take dance lessons
    100. Start learning Spanish
    101. Have Hobbit/LOTR marathon (after the last 2 Hobbit movies come out)
The end date for my goal list is June 19th (MY BIRTHDAY!) 2016.  So wish me luck!  I keep you all posted on my progress.  Let me know if any of you start as well.

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