Thursday, September 26, 2013

Writer's Workshop: First Day of Fall!

My sister, Mom, and I decided to go to an apple orchard on the first day of fall.  First we had lunch, where I saw these lovelies turning.  Yay autumn!

An apple I tried to pick decided to fall on my head.  I was not amused.
So we went to a little orchard not far from where we live.  Unfortunately... so did everybody else.  Parking was a bit obnoxious but luckily most of them were there for hayrides and cider.  I dutifully lead my troops (hey, my idea, I get to be the leader) to the apple picking.  We decided to get a whole bushel, one bag for my sister and I and one for the Momo. (which turned out to be a good idea.)
My sister is a weirdo.  Momo always has a smile.
 There were quite a few types to choose from.  We got a little of everything.  Instead of sticking to the paths, of course we had to walk through the brush between the trees.  My sister and I are born country-girls, so what do you expect?  There was the occasional bee though luckily no one was stung.  We made it a point to make it to the end of the orchard before turning back with our haul.  Momo's bag was full long before ours was, so she helped us fill it to the brim.  We made a point to give a prayer of thanks to the earth and trees before leaving the area.

We took the scenic route home (yay no freeway!)  There were a lot of nice houses and cows!  Ooh and a pumpkin patch!  Anywho, once we got home and I rested for a bit, I made a delicious roast chicken dinner to celebrate the equinox.  A very lovely day indeed.
Our haul.  Both the basket and those on the towel, minus the one that are applesaucing right now.


  1. Wow, you got a ton more apples than I did! Hope your apple sauce turned out well.

  2. Thanks, it really did. I think I'm gonna have to can a whole bunch of it in order to use up all of the apples... maybe make a pie or two.

  3. Those apples look delightful!

  4. Wow, you made out like a bandit!

  5. Those apples look gorgeous and delicious! And yum! Homemade applesauce! I've always been a huge fan of homemade applesauce.

  6. Twas a fabulous time had by all. ^^