Thursday, September 12, 2013

Career Choices
The prompt I chose this week was 'Something you wanted to be when you grew up.'  Now, I'm not quite there yet to be honest.  I'm finally secure in what I want to do, barring any unforeseen circumstances *knock on wood*

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina.  Let it be known that I never actually finished ballet lessons.  I think it may have been the pink outfits... and the shoes.  Perhaps the creativity.  

When I got a little older, though till in the single digits, I wanted to be an astronomer.  I LOVED space.  I still do, but all that math that's involved... not to mention that NASA has gone to crap.  I suppose that it's a good thing that I've limited myself to stargazing and lunar calendars.

 Eventually I evolved more... realistic career goals?  Is that terribly pessimistic of me?  Seriously.  I wanted to be a dentist.  Or dental hygienist.  Yeah.  Blech.  Both very important jobs, yes.  I actually liked going to the dentist.  Until I got my first cavity.  That was the beginning of the end for my medical ambitions.

Then I wanted to be a chef.  I love cooking and baking.  I cook dinner for my family (nearly) every night.  I bake for fun.  It's enjoyable for me.  But after having this dream for awhile, I began thinking.  How stressful is working in a kitchen for 8+ hours?  I get irritable sharing the kitchen with my sister, let alone several other people.  I wouldn't want to own my own restaurant, but I think the heat of the kitchen would have adverse effects on my passion for cooking.

So I've settled on massage therapy.  It's soothing for both myself and those I work on.  It's cooling and relieving as opposed to hot and stifling like cooking can be.  Not to mention there is immense room for growth in other areas I love, such as aromatherapy and herbalism.


  1. I also thought I wanted to be a massage therapist. The gentle nature music, in a darkened room, geranium and rose scented candles and someone talented at soothing those tired muscles - heaven. Then I woke up and remembered, I love GETTING a massage. It's a lot different than BEING the masseuse. Oh well, as a mom I've rubbed a lot of backs so, I guess I got my wish anyway.

  2. Hope you really enjoy massage therapy!

  3. I think ANY of those career options sound like fun! Glad you're doing what you love for now!