Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Six: Share Your First Blog Post

Alright!  I've been thinking abut starting a blog for a few months now, and decided now was the time.  Or rather, the universe has been bombarding me with various signs that I should act.  So here we are!  

About the name.  I love tea and I love hats.  Not just tiny hats mind you, but the alliteration sounds so nice.  This blog will include many things: recipes, crafty stuff (I make jewelry), bits from my home life, as well as things related to my pagan path.

I hope you enjoy my posts, whoever you are.

That up there is my first post.  Pretty simple really.  I've now been blogging a little over two years.  It's sad how little progress I've made.  BUT!  I have plans.  Most wondrous plans.  I want to get a banner made eventually, have an About Me page, as well as a 101 goals in 1001 days progress page.  I also noticed (and forgot apparently) that I wanted to share my jewelry here in the first place.  I think my head got stuck on how this should be a pagan blog and as a result I got stuck.  

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  1. I'm partial to tea and hats as well. A little visit to the past can be so helpful in renewing our dreams and focusing our attention, and it's fun to hear your plans. But however you decide to play, your blog is simply one of your homes and it's wonderful to have it reflect you.