Monday, December 23, 2013

Day Twenty-Four - Holiday Disasters

Today's prompt on KIOSB is to share a tip or story relating to a holiday disaster.  Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

Now this didn't happen during Christmas, but around my sister's birthday, which is in early January.  Some of you Canadians as well as northeastern Americans may remember...The Ice Storm of 98'.  

I was about seven at the time, but remember it well.  We were in northern NY at the time, so right in the thick of the storm.  My parents were smack dab in the middle of their divorce, so we weren't at home when the storm hit.  The snow was nearly as tall as I was and the hail was monstrous.  No one was allowed on the roads but response vehicles, since the roads were either icy, covered in downed tree branches, or both.  

I remember being glad that we had access to a gas stove, so at least we could heat up the snow to cook food or flush the toilet.  This was also my first and only ambulance ride.  The people were nice enough to pick us up and take us all to a fire station, where a bunch of people were sheltered.  They played Men in Black for us kids while the parents and adults did who knows what.  I remember being scared of that movie.

It wasn't too bad a time, to be honest.  I always liked snow and found severe weather exciting.  My sister didn't have a very good birthday though, as it was spent in a hotel with people we didn't really know.  But we all came out of it safe.

Now for tips!  Gas stoves are awesome for power outages, but don't use the oven to heat your house because of the fumes.  Generators-Awesome.  Candles-Always a plus.  Blankets-Have more than you need.  Flashlights and batteries are necessary.  Food/water storage are an excellent idea if you have the space, or you can put some in a garage or shed.


  1. I moved to Western New York in 2004 and I keep being told about the Great Ice Storm. No doubt, not the best time ever for you, but it sounds like you made some pretty good lemonade from all those lemons!

  2. Yeah, gas stoves used as heaters will make one dizzy. Thankfully we left before I fainted. And I still can't watch parts of that movie.