Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day Twenty-Two - Wee Me

Today's prompt at KIOSB is sharing pictures of ourselves as little ones.

Look!  Look upon the wonder that is her majesty.  Complete with red-eye, which always made me look a bit demonic.  With my crowning glory bestowed upon me from one King of Burgers, along with my almighty sippy cup of truth.

My pictures of this age seem to go between being happy for whatever reason, screaming because of the injustice of my sister stealing my toys, and just staring at the camera like I've never seen it before.  By the way, does BK still have those crowns?


  1. How fun! There's nothing better than being ruler of a happy kingdom.

  2. We all need it be queen for a day :-)

  3. And it wasn't me who stole them, but Carolyn. I was the one who consoled you after the injustice was done by patting you on the head or sharing my ice cream that one time.