Thursday, December 26, 2013

Days 25-27 - Catching Up
Well, between holiday festivities and sleeping, I have some catching up to do.  So here we go!

Day Twenty-Five - Holiday Traditions

For our Christmas day tradition, we usually go to bed early.  We wake up at four (yes... a.m.) to open our stockings.  Then at six we would wake up our mom and open gifts, after preparing her coffee of course.

There was one year when we were still young, when my oldest sister and I didn't want to wait.  Our middle sister was asleep and thus had no part in the plot.  We set the designated clock ahead two hours, so we could go down at two instead of four.  We actually woke our parents up at four.  It amazed us both not only how long it took them to figure it out, but that we didn't get in trouble!

Day Twenty-Six - Ten Things in Your Fridge

We went over to my sister's in-law's Christmas party, so no leftovers for us.

1. Silk vanilla soy milk- We have quite a bit of dairy sensitivity in this house.
2. 2% milk- For baking and cereal.  These people don't like the Silk as much as I do, I guess.
3. International Delight butter pecan creamer- For my mother's coffee.  She loves it so much, she buys multiples so she won't run out.
4. Diet Pepsi- We are a Pepsi household.  Yes I know it's bad for you, I am trying to cut down.
5. Eggs- For the occasional breakfast sandwich, but mostly used for baking.
6. Heavy Whipping Cream- For the Yule log I made, soon to be used up in New Year's Chocolate Mousse!
7. Home made chicken stock- In the green tupperware.  I used all of our canning jars to freeze the rest.
8. Pepperoni- For pizza!  I make this fairly often, on days that I want cooking to take a short time... or I forgot to get out meat to defrost.
9. White Zinfandel- My mom's wine of choice, though it's been there awhile.  She doesn't drink much, myself even less so.  I don't care for the taste of alcohol.
10. Tomatoes- Down on the bottom all by their lonesome.  We need to go shopping for fresh vegetables. -_-

Day Twenty-Seven - Final Friday
1. What will you remember about 2013?
Staying at my sister's house to watch her kitties while they went on vacation.  Getting a whole tub full of free costume jewelry to take apart and use.  My mother and sister being happy with their blankets.
2. What are you ready to leave behind?
Fear.  Doubt.  Stagnation.  Arguments.  This house! 
3. What's something you learned in 2013?
How to finger crochet.  Don't leave candles unattended.  EVER.  That cooked tomato does not equal stewed tomato.
4. What would you like to celebrate about this past year?
I made two blankets by hand.  I made cordial cherries and English toffee from scratch and people liked them.  Our finances are actually somewhat stable.  We are moving forward, even though things can be tough at times.


  1. Sounds like a successful year - here's to more progress in 2014.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your 3-in-1 post.
    All the best for you and yours in 2014!

  3. All the staples in your fridge, LOL. New Year's Chocolate Mousse sounds fantastic! Sounds like you had a good, creative year. Here's to more in 2014!

  4. Sounds like you are already looking to 2014. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Loved reading this! I know that Do Not Leave Candles Unattended one. That's a good one to learn :-)

  6. Candles! Good lesson. We once set fire to our cat (well, he set fire to himself... but anyway...). We only have electric candles now.