Monday, December 23, 2013

Day Twenty-Three - Books

Today's prompt for KIOSB  is to talk about books, or in my case book collections!  This first one is where some herbalism books are held on the top shelf.  Those are the only ones I really look at.  The rest are my mom's nursing books and other things.

THIS is my sister's and my shared book collection.  Manga takes up a little more than one bookcase and the rest are mostly fantasy novels.  These are in my sister's room, so she also uses them as shelves. -_-

These you may have seen before when I showed you my blogging space.  It's a closer looks at the Pagan/herbalism books I keep in my room.

Last but not least!  COOKBOOKS!  I was surprise at how many of these are mine.  The little box on the top right is my recipe box, which also hold quite a few of my favorites.


  1. I'm beginning to sense a trend here - we all like books! Enjoyed your entry!

  2. I have shelves of books too. I love books!

  3. I'm starting to collect a few cookbooks, too. Or at least, I'm collecting recipes - one day I need to start the huge undertaking of creating my Kitchen Grimoire (aka cooking journal) combining all the various recipes I have collected into one neat collection.

  4. Well we can't all have as many places to put things ya know. -__-