Sunday, December 15, 2013

Days 14 & 15 KIOSB

Day 14 of KIOSB was One Sentence Saturday.  The book I used is The Bartimaeus Trilogy's first novel The Amulet of Samarkand and was written by Jonathan Stroud.  It's an excellent book if you like fantasy fiction and snark.

The first sentence is 'The temperature of the room dropped fast.'

Day 15 of KIOSB is a sharing of loved ones, animals and human alike.  First up is my baby October.  He's our oldest fur baby.  He was not putting up with my camera shenanigans today.

Roxy is in the middle.  We got her from a friend of my sister who couldn't take her in his apartment.    It was supposed to be temporary, but she's part of the family now. 

Maurice, who we called Moose, is the youngest.  He was found by my ex-step-father at the prison he worked at.  He was smuggled home in his bag and has been a beloved addition to our family.

These are my weirdo siblings.  The one smiling is my oldest sister, the crazy one is my twinny, and the show-off of a boy is my brother-in-law.

This is my Mom, a.k.a. Momo.  She has raised me almost singlehandedly for the duration of my life.

This is my Dad and step-mother on their wedding day.  I don't see them much, as they live in NY and I live in MI.

Sorry for the really long post... the pictures did not want to cooperate.


  1. Awwww - I love these pictures! Your family and your loved ones are beautiful!

  2. No sorry needed, I enjoyed this post very much. Great to see everyone's loved ones.
    The book sounds interesting too!