Thursday, November 17, 2011

44 Days of Witchery

A favorite goddess- Sekhmet
Egyptian goddess of war and destruction, but also a multitude of other things such as medicine.  She is known as the eye of Ra.  Sekhmet is tied to Bastet, both being cat-like goddesses but not related, as well as Hathor, the cow goddess.  In some mythologies it is said that Hathor and Sekhmet are one being, Hathor being of life and love and Sekhmet being of death and destruction.

Their is a story that says once humans tried to overthrow the gods.  Ra heard this and sent Sekhmet to cease this rebellion.  Sekhmet descended onto the humans and slaughtered them, drinking their blood as she went.  She relished the taste of blood so much the gods feared Sekhmet's wrath would leave no humans left.  Ra had beer mixed with plants and blood so it would become red and tempt Sekhmet.  When Sekhmet came upon it, she drank it all and became intoxicated.  Her rage was soothed and peace returned to the land.

I like the goddess Sekhmet in the same way I am drawn to goddesses like Kali-Ma and Artemis.  Stories of these fierce women prove a very important point.  Women can be just as angry and battle-savvy as men.  Too many people associate the feminine with docile or weak.  Sekhmet proves this not to be the case.

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