Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 8 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Things in My Home

Today's question is what three things in your home are you thankful for.  I take things to be inanimate objects, not the other two nouns.  As I've already mentioned my computer and my clock...

1. The Stove
Thank you stove for doing your job.  Your burners may cook a bit unevenly and not simmer well, but you do your best.  You don't even get mad when I drop tater tots into your oven.  You just let me know with the slight burning smell.  Thank you for helping me cook for my family and not give them food poisoning.
                                                         2. Books
Not just one item, I know.  But they all deserve recognition.  Can't think of a word?  To the dictionary!  The power is out, you say?!  Whatever shall we do?  READ A BOOK!  Allow the physical presence of words on a page to grace you with it's wisdom.  Even if it is fiction.

3. My Dry Sink
Also known as the place where Kristina keeps most of her pagan stuff/drying herbs.  The poor thing is a mess of disorganization right now, but I intend to change that shortly.  Without it my four (yes I said FOUR) mortars and pestles would have no official home.  My massive store of candles would be sitting in a bag somewhere.  And the gong... where would the gong go?!

Alright.  I think I'll stop with my attempts of funny melodrama.

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  1. You could put the gong... on your desk somewhere? 0.o