Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 12 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Things in Nature
Today we have to come up with three things in nature that we are thankful for.  I'm sure this is hard for most people.  Especially if you consider there are four natural elements.  There are so many specific things in nature for each element as well.  But I'm doing this the whole way, so here goes.

 1. Mushrooms
And no, I don't mean the psychedelic kind!
Around where I live there are so many different varieties of mushrooms that grow in different yards.  I love how one class of plant can have so many variations.  I really like the flat ones and the really big ones.  Mushrooms always make me think of the Seelie faeries, as they start really popping up in late summer/autumn.

2. Trees
Who doesn't like trees?  They give us shade and lumber.  They put on the greatest show every autumn.  A part I think is underrated is the bark.  It's rough on most trees, but on birch trees it's thin as paper.  I remember putting mud on a tree that had lost part of it's outer layer of bark because we didn't want it getting cold during the winter.
3. Clouds
I've always been fascinated with clouds.  I loved learning about the different types and what they meant.  I liked looking for shapes in the sky, maybe a dragon would be hiding in a cloud.  I really like how the light of the sun or moon play against the different layers of clouds.

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