Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Belated Samhain/Halloween

Our Samhain celebration was low key this year.  No great lengthy ritual.  We didn't even get started until kids started trick-or-treating.  It was just me and Twinny this year for the most part.  First we went on a walk with our capes on.  If you own a cape or cloak you should do this, it's ridiculously fun.  Then we brewed some divination tea to help get the psychic energy flowing.  Then I lit an ancestral fire in my cauldron using sage infused rubbing alcohol. 

 After we ate dinner she and I made banishing bread to get rid of a bad habit.  You make a little person out of bread and infuse it with the intent to be rid of something as you make it.  We made ours for procrastination.  Poor Twinny isn't a big cooking person, so I kept ordering her around.  Apparently my Mother aspect was showing (even though I'm not a mom).  Sorry I was bossy Twinny!    

As the bread baked we used our many divination tools.  Twinny has two sets of oracle cards and some Chinese fortune sticks.  I have tarot cards, runes and the I Ching.  No tea leaves for me.  But our fortunes all seemed to tell us that we are in for a trying year.  I do believe in changing your fate, so I will do my best to be productive and move forward in this new year.

Once the bread was done we first showed it to my oldest sister and her fiance.  Mine turned out fine but Twinny's was a bit... wonky.  Endearing really.  Then we set forth on the task of burning them.  In my cauldron.  In hindsight this probably wasn't the brightest of ideas.  My bread man was almost fully black but not fully burned, so I stepped on him and threw him into the yard.  Twinny decided to tear hers into pieces to make it burn faster.  It didn't work very well.  

After disposing of our procrastination's remains we went inside and watched a Star Trek movie and I made apple crisp.  All in all it was a good day and a good sabbat.

Our cats Webster and Samantha, who passed away recently.

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  1. It's okay. You know if I minded you bossing me around I'd speak up. As you said I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to the kitchen so it's a good thing I have you to push me around. If I didn't the bread men wouldn't have turned out right at all! 0_o