Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 10 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Teachers
I'm playing a bit of catch up on this, so this is from the day before yesterday.  The prompt is three teachers you are thankful you had.

1.Miss. Mansfield
My memory is being rude to me.  The last name doesn't seem right, but I checked and it is.  She was my 4th grade teacher.  She was always really nice.  Whenever someone was absent or had missing work, she would let you stay in for recess and do any work you hadn't turned in yet.  That was really helpful for me, who got sick a lot.

2. Mr. Buckley  
Mr. Buckley was my 6th grade homeroom teacher.  All of my teachers that year were nice to me when the kid weren't.  But Mr. Buckley went out of his way to talk to me when some girls were particularly nasty.  He also came up with great project for us to do.  And we had these slips we got for good behavior that went toward a raffle we had every so often.  Sometimes the prize would be a painting his father did.  We actually got to watch him in action once and I learned some really cool painting tricks.

3. Mr. Paul
Mr. Paul was my math teacher in 7th grade.  That was the first year I got really sick and was out most of the year.  That eventually resulted in my being home schooled.  I was out for a long time, but Mr. Paul didn't get on my case or pressure me like some of the other teachers or faculty did.  When I went in for my final he made sure I was comfortable enough to take it.

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