Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 13 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - My Spiritual Path
Three things about my spiritual path that I am thankful for.

Having the tools at my disposal to perform magic is a marvelous thing.  Even if it's only the knowledge of the right day in which to plant seeds, so that they may grow healthy and strong.  Having a belief system that incorporates things I've always known existed is a great weight off of my shoulders and it allows me to grow.

2. Flexibility
The path of a witch is one you can customize to your own personal beliefs and goals.  You can choose a God and/or Goddess who suits your personality or who you wish to emulate.  There are so many different tools that you can use... or not use!  You can celebrate the Sabbats or feast days or not do rituals at all!  

3. Being a Steward of the Earth
This is really something everyone should do, from any religion or culture.  The earth is our mother and home.  We need to care for her and protect her from harm so that we mat live harmoniously.  Learning about Wicca and then forming my own opinions has given me many ideas of how to change the way I live so that I may make as little negative impact on the earth as possible.

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