Wednesday, November 2, 2011

44 Days of Witchery
Witchy tools: athame.

The athame is a knife used in ritual.  Unlike the boline, the athame isn't typically used for cutting physical things.  Usually the athame is used for cutting a circle and other symbolic gestures.  Although some people do forgo the boline and use a sharpened athame for both ritual use and to cut herbs for magical purposes.  

The athame is also used as a symbol for the God, the masculine, with the chalice or cauldron representing the Goddess, the feminine.

Alright.  There's the short synopsis of the use of an athame.  I'm sure there is more but I just put down how I use mine.  Now for a description of my personal athame.

My athame is just like the one pictured.  My Ada(step-father) bought me my athame two Christmases ago along with a whole boatload of pagan items.  I do have an athame and a boline, so I only use my athame for creating and cutting my circle.

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