Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 14 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Things That Make Me Laugh
Laughter is the best medicine... sometimes.  But today I will list three things that make me laugh in which I am thankful for.

Probably the person who does this the most.  We share a ridiculous sense of humor.  We'll laugh about things only we know about or things that are childish.  Or puns.  Twinny loves puns.  To a disturbing degree.  It scares me sometimes.

2.My Momo
My nickname for my mom.  She has a weird sense of humor.  It's either funny or it leaves you scratching your head.  Sometimes the things she says after she's tried to make a joke are even funnier than the joke itself.  She's such a silly person.

3. Smart Comedy
I don't mean the typical rom-com of today.  I like comedy that isn't judgmental, that anyone can get a good laugh from.  Be it about history or differences or making fun of one's self.  If it leaves you pondering philosophical questions, even better.


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  1. Yay!!! I make you laugh!!! The most!!! *is proud*