Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 5 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Animals

Cordelia asks what three animals, past or present, are you thankful for.  I have had many animals in my life, so this is difficult.
  1. October
October is my first kitty.  He's been with us for several years now and I hope he will be with us for several more.  He is a bit antisocial... meaning he is a typical cat that will only be petted when he wants.  October is not really a lap cat, but he will sleep at the foot of my bed some nights.

  2. Samantha
Ah Sammy, how I miss you.  This wonderful cat proved that female cats aren't always standoffish.  She was the sweetest cat you would ever meet.  Sammy was the epitome of lap cat and would always accept pets from whoever came by.  Both she and Webster were with us during the big move from New York to Michigan.  Unfortunately she got really sick and had to be put down.  She will be missed.

 3. Webster
Webster was an interesting cat.  You wouldn't know how he would act from one day to the next.  Once he escaped from our apartment and was missing for about a week.  Luckily some ladies saw him and remembered the fliers we had posted throughout the neighborhood.  When we got him back his fur was all matted, so thus began the yearly summer grooming session.  Also, when we first got October as a kitten, he mistook Webster for a female and tried to nurse.  Webster never quite got along with him after that.  Webster passed about six months after Sammy.  He stopped eating and was depressed, so he too had to be put down.  We miss him as well.

We do have other pets though.  There is Roxy, a doberman/German shepherd mix who we took in for a friend.  She has now become a part of the family.  There is also Maurice, a kitten Ada saved from the prison he works in.  He's become quite a roly-poly fellow... we think he likes it here. 


  1. What beautiful fur babies! Blessings to you,thanks for visiting me as well.

  2. Wonderful post and such adorable fur babies~

    Thank you for your kind words about the course. I'm glad the meditation is able to help you! I have trouble meditating and a soothing voice and candles always work well for me too!