Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 11 - 15 Days of Thankfulness - 3 Friends
This time I have to talk about three friends I am thankful for.  This isn't too hard, as I've always been one for small friend groups.  Note: I would be Pooh in this picture.

1. Cheza
Cheza isn't her real name, but it's a nickname she picked up in Jr. High that has stuck all these years.  Cheza is a friend I've had since 5th grade and we've never really fought terribly.  She's the crazy, out there one who's the life of the party.  She could be a mafia don with how many people she is friends with.  It's because of her that I made the friends I did in 5th grade.  My next friend was scared to approach me.  I can be a bit standoffish.  She is the Tigger of the group.

2. Janelle
Janelle is another friend I made in 5th grade.  She was afraid to approach me, but luckily Cheza is an extreme extrovert and did it for her.  She's the one who has all the events, does all of the traveling.  She used to host all of the sleepovers, but she's usually out of the country when not in college these days.  I worry about her burning herself out, but I suppose her energy level is different from mine.  She would be Piglet.

3. Kimmy
You all know her as twinny.  We weren't really close when we were really young.  But nowadays we're the twins who aren't twins.  We get along really well and balance each other out. I cook, she does the dishes.  I'm serious and a pessimist, she's light-hearted and an optimist.  We usually like the same things; books, movies, etc.  When we were little, I always had to play the guy when we played pretend.  I did not like that.  She would be a strange Tigger/Eeyore hybrid.  

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